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Remembering Your Loved Ones

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Remembering your loved ones is easier than ever thanks to today’s competitive memorial products industry. The rise of the Internet and the introduction of new laws in the past 10-15 years have assured that you now have literally thousands of options for remembering your loved ones. In the past, options for memorializing a loved one was often limited by what was available from your There are countless ways to capture the memories of a lifetime through memorializationlocal funeral home. These businesses typically had very small amounts of space (if any) to devote to retail displays, so, when it came to remembering your loved one, they offered very small selections of products – such as urns and headstones -- from just a few manufacturers. And because local funeral homes often had an effective monopoly in their immediate service areas, the prices they offered were often way out of line with what the average family could afford.

But things have changed dramatically. Laws have loosened the way funeral homes deal with competitors and manufacturers, and that has led to more robust competition in the death care industry. Also, the Internet has made it possible for many small and mid-sized companies to offer huge selections of memorial products very simply. Now, when you are remembering your loved one, there is a huge (and growing) industry available at your disposal with hundreds of companies (large and small) waiting to take your personalized order for one of its vast array of products that will make remembering a lost loved one a special, affordable family affair. Below is a summary of just some of your options when creating a tribute to your loved ones.

First, of course, there are still the traditional cremations urns and headstones. And these products are still available in the classic look that was once, more or less, the only that was available for remembering your loved ones.

Memorials can help make remembering a lost loved one easierBut now, there are countless other varieties and styles available, too. Headstones are readily available in at least two materials, bronze and granite, and both materials can be fashioned into a countless number of designs, one of which will surely be perfect for remembering your loved one’s precise personality. The same variety is true of cremation urns. Today’s urns are often surprisingly affordable (some less than $100), intricate, beautiful works of hand-crafted art. The typical on-line catalogue of urns is filled with hundreds of choices ranging, of course, from the traditional, classic Grecian urn to the much more specific. Today, for example, one popular line of urns is molded in the shape of a motorcycle gas tank. As many families are finding, if your relative was a motorcycle enthusiast, then remembering your loved one with one of those urns is an easy choice. Urns are, similarly, available with nature scenes, religious themes, and even features devoted to other hobbies, ranging from crocheting to baseball. There is, really, something for everyone when it comes to remembering your loved ones.

And, finally, the memorial industry has a amazing number of relatively new products designed for remembering your loved ones. These include memorial rocks, which can be beautifully displayed in gardens or other public places, cremation jewelry, and even bio-degradable urns in the event your loved one wishes to be scattered at sea. When you’re in the market to remember your loved ones, the memorial industry stands ready to help.

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