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The Most Emotionally Challenging Experience

Losing a child is probably the most emotionally difficult experience that a human can possibly face. The laws of nature hold that, in most cases, a child will naturally outlive his or her parent, so, when the reverse happens, emotional devastation can often result. Upon losing a child, a parent can begin to question his or her parenting abilities or, worse, his or her status with God. Because Because losing a child can seem unnatural, it can make coping all the more difficultlosing a child is not the norm, a parent who has suffered such a loss may find himself wondering why he was among the unlucky few to be dealt such a severe blow. This can lead to years of emotional turmoil that can affect all other aspects of life. Relationships among spouses, and even with other children, are often negatively affected by the tension resulting from losing a child.

These are difficult questions to resolve, and even the best of philosophers and theologians have struggled with them (and will likely continue to struggle with them) for centuries. No one can adequately explain why any particular child is lost while most others grow up to live full lives. But, while the thinkers of our world continue to explore this painful, difficult issue, there is fortunately, plenty of help available for those who are coping with the tragedy of losing a child.

Among the helpers are those in the memorial products industry.

Makers and sellers of memorial products know that losing a child means a client is suffering unlike any of their other customer. Accordingly, the professionals typically take special care to offer these customers the most special of services. Because losing a child is an unexpected occurrence, memorial professionals realize – and appreciate – that explaining memorial traditions and customs will often require more patience and detail than usual. Knowing that losing a child is a uniquely painful experience, the professionals are more than willing to go the extra mile to be of service.

Losing a child is one of life's greatest tragediesManufacturers of memorial products, too, understand that losing a child requires the most special of products. Most manufacturers build special lines of caskets and urns specially designed for children. These products are, of course, smaller than traditional memorial products and are designed with happy scenes – such as rainbows, building blocks, or even angels -- to capture the special innocence of childhood. For many families, the loss of a child is unexpected, and the suprising cost of funeral expenses only adds to the grief and stress. The products intended for children are typically priced lower than traditional caskets and urns, and that can be a welcome relief for young families for whom losing a child (especially those with the accompanying health care costs) can be a great financial burden. Additionally, for those families who have difficulty paying for even the lower priced child memorial products, a number of foundations offer financial aid specially for child memorials. Simply type “losing a child” into any on-line search engine, and websites for those groups will be readily available.

While nothing can completely heal the pain of losing a child, sympathy and compassion for parents is in no short supply. Before giving in completely to uncommonly difficult desperation that often accompanies losing a child, parents can take advantage of the myriad of support that’s available.

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