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Garden Memorials

A fast-growing idea for residences and public places alike

Garden memorials are a fast growing idea that more and more private residences are adopting each year. Their popularity is likely due to the growth since the 1990’s of several large, nationally known public garden memorials across America.  Below is a short description of some of the more interesting, unique and special public garden memorials, followed by some tips for creating your own special garden memorial at your home or some other special place.

Many individuals enjoy gardening as a relaxing and fulfilling hobbySpringfield, Massachusetts is home to the one of the most special garden memorials in the country: The Dr. Seuss Memorial Sculpture Garden. While this garden is not a “garden” in the strict sense of the word – complete with a wide variety of vegetation and such – it does have some plant life to its credit. Nevertheless, the spirit of memory is what makes garden memorials such special places, and this memorial certainly has plenty of that. Most of the characters created by famous children’s author Theodor Seuss Geisel will live for the ages in this garden of bronze statues that have become a top tourist attraction in Dr. Seuss’s real-life hometown.

Next, there is a more “garden” variety garden memorial in one of America’s other Springfield’s, Springfield, Illinois, that is. This special place was designed by the famous Illinois architect Jens Jensen to honor the memory of Abraham Lincoln, a man that Illinois still considers its favorite son, nearly 150 years after his death. The Lincoln Memorial Garden is a fully functioning botanical garden that attempts to replicate the vegetation that was part of the Illinois landscape during the years that Lincoln roamed that land. While providing valuable opportunities for botanist – especially those interested in how the American landscape has changed over the centuries – it also satisfies the history buffs in any crowd. Included throughout the garden are plenty of displays about the life and times of the Illinois man that many still count as the greatest president in United States history.

And, finally, we must turn our gaze upon America’s garden memorials to The Garden of Peace in Boston, Massachusetts. This garden memorial has a mixture of sculptures and plant-life all intended to honor the memories of men and women who have been murdered. Anyone whose loved-one has been a victim of homicide is welcome to get involved with the garden’s operation and to help build a portion of the garden as a memorial to his or her family member. The garden opened in 2002.

There are many ways garden memorials can help celebrate a life well livedFor those wanting to build their own private garden memorial, there are plenty of tools. A local nursery, of course, is probably the best place to begin your project by consulting professional landscapers and gardening experts to select just the right plants and design. Then, you should consult a retailer in the memorial products industry. A wide variety of display options are available. Your garden can include a memorial rock, for example, which is a replica of a real rock and includes a bronze plaque with comforting words that will be the centerpiece of the entire garden. A number of cremation urns, likewise, make excellent centerpieces for garden memorials and are designed to withstand the elements in such a place for decades.

Once you have established your own garden memorial, if you should desire to make it public somehow, a number of local gardening organizations across America host annual garden “tours” in which residents include their addresses on a list of private gardens that are open for enjoyment of all on certain days of the years. What better way to honor a loved one than by including his or her garden memorial in one of these friendly tours.

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